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  • All content you submit to the Wiki, whether original or from an outside source, is assumed to be in the public domain, unless explicitly mentioned.
  • If the content is not the public domain, you must either obtain permission from the author or be the author.
  • You retain copyright to the original content you contribute only if the copyrighted material is clearly marked by an explicit copyright notice. (If you import your own content without explicitly stating the copyright, you thereby release that content into the public domain.(!))
  • Copyrighted content can also be included under the "Fair Use" use.
  • Submitting copyrighted material is discouraged because it cannot be edited by any other contributors. If you do want to edit it, you must obtain permission from the author.
  • If in doubt, ask me or the copyright holder.
  • Submission of text copied from GDFL sources must contain a note stating that, and therefore cannot be distributed into the public domain.