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Welcome to the Objectivism Wiki.  The purpose of this site is to create a "hierarchical, user-contributed reference on the philosophy of Objectivism."
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You can contribute by clicking "Edit" on the top of any page or begin a new page by clicking red links.
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*What is Objectivism?


  • At some point, the Wiki may contain separate FAQ and "encyclopedic" pages. For now, please add both within the same hierarchy.
  • There is now a separate FAQ page.
  • The topics are based on the outline of OPAR. My goal for a "version 1.0" of this Wiki is to cover every hyperlinked page. Additional topics or page content suggestions are added after the colon.
  • This index is an initial suggestion: change it as you want! - --GreedyCapitalist 01:14, 1 Jun 2004 (EDT)
  • There is now an edited version of the United States Constitution being reworked to conform to objectivism, the main page for the subproject is here Crazynas 15:10, 4 Jul 2005 (CDT)